Riding class | non motor vehicles should take the non motor vehicle lane

What do you know about the imperceptible illegal moments on the road? On the 122nd national traffic safety day, Nanning traffic police jointly launched the initiative of sharing bicycles for safe and civilized riding.

The video shows the clip of “non motorized vehicles should take non motorized lanes”, so as to unlock more “cold” knowledge of traffic safety, let the traffic police take you one click to understand the norms and rules of safe riding of shared bicycles, and cultivate traffic safety awareness.

↓ learn more about the “cold” of cycling ↓ borrow the sidewalk, you must get off the bus, implement the signal light = life light, and pay attention to safety.

Safety is more important than hairstyle.

Audit: Su zhenglie.

Editor in charge: Tan Yanyi.

Editor: Huang sining.

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