Ride the beautiful Shangyu, feel the speed and passion! 2021 Poyang Lake cycling elite race Ganzhou Shangyou station kicks off

On the morning of December 18, 2021 “China sports lottery · Sava Cup” cycling elite race around Poyang Lake Ganzhou Shangyou stood at the county sports and sports center.

The race attracted 240 good cyclists from the province to gather in Shangyu to feel the unique charm of beautiful and happy Shangyu ☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟97, Yu yewei, Secretary of Shangyou County Party committee, Li Yiyun, director of Ganzhou Sports Bureau, and other leaders attended the opening ceremony of the competition.

Liu Yongsheng, member of the Standing Committee of the county Party committee and director of the United Front Work Department, presided over the meeting.

The competition attracted more than 240 professional elite drivers, amateurs and local cyclists in the province.

Jiangxi news client, Jiangxi Radio and television, Tencent News, Phoenix News, cyclist magazine, Jiangnan Metropolis Daily and other media reported on the competition.

The game was also broadcast live on video and pictures.

Wen Hai, Deputy Secretary General of the municipal government, announced the opening.

Yu yewei, Secretary of the county Party committee, delivered a welcome speech.

Yu yewei said in his speech that in Shangyu, sports have become a way of life, a cultural mark, and a city card.

The holding of the Poyang Lake cycling elite race in 2021 will certainly ignite the passion of Shangyu, show Shangyu’s style and release Shangyu’s dream.

We look forward to holding a good event and falling in love with a city through the ring Pok race, so that more people can know and enter Shangyu, share sports happiness and create a better future! With the most sincere attitude, the most careful preparation and the most considerate service, Shangyou will do its best to ensure that the athletes can give full play to the first-class state, feel the charm of Shangyou and create other highlights.

It is understood that the bicycle race of this station is hosted by Jiangxi Provincial People’s government, undertaken by Jiangxi Provincial Sports Bureau, Ganzhou Municipal People’s government and Shangyou County People’s government, and co sponsored by Jiangxi Provincial Sports Development Foundation and Jiangxi Cycling Federation.

This is a collision of speed and passion, a competition of strength and skill.

At the command, the riders rushed to the end like stepping on a wind and fire wheel.

This competition is divided into four groups: Men’s road elite, men’s mountain elite, men’s mountain master and women’s mountain elite, covering all ages from 18 to 65, so as to realize the full coverage of road vehicles and mountain vehicles.

The cycling route of Ganzhou Shangyou station starts from the county sports center, passes through Nanhe Lake tourist highway, doushui Town, Yangming lake dam, Jingming Hotel and other places, and ends at the county sports center.

After fierce competition, Fan Wei, a rider from Jiangxi Sava team, won the championship of the men’s highway elite group, Chen Kai, rider of Changsha clockwise team (SSZ), won the champion of men’s mountain elite group, Chen Xiangyuan, rider of Lingrui pharmaceutical team, won the champion of men’s mountain masters group, and Zhao Qin, rider of igpsport Chinese team, won the champion of women’s mountain elite group.

The cycling elite race around Poyang Lake is “The top ten sports tourism events in China” is also one of the elaborate events in Jiangxi.

It aims to promote national fitness, promote sports leisure tourism and spread the sports concept of health, low carbon and environmental protection.

It is a large-scale brand event in Jiangxi Province with the consent of the provincial Party committee and the Provincial Government in order to publicize the beautiful ecology of Jiangxi Province and cooperate with the strategy of strengthening the province through tourism The whole video and pictures were broadcast live, and the average number of online viewers reached more than 330000.

Source of wonderful moments of the competition: Rong media center of Shangyou County picture \ Video: Zhong Fangyi, Luo Jianghua, Wang Jian, Guo Xinjian, Luo Bin, Dai Hongsheng, Zhu Yong, Yang Qiong, Xiao Gensheng, Xie Xiaowen, Guo Yunjian, Cui Changyan, Wu baolead editor: Zhou Hengsheng reviewed by: Luo Jianghua issued by: Chen Yuanhong..