Ride! On foot! sample tea! Lingyun county “two sessions and one competition” is waiting for you

Ecological tea town · magnificent Lingyun from April 23 to 26, Lingyun county will grandly hold the Lingyun Baihao tea Qingming tea market fair 2021 hiking China · national hiking conference Guangxi Baise (Lingyun station).

In 2021, Lingyun county will ride the “colorful Surabaya” and enjoy the “ink Haokun” bicycle riding experience race “two sessions and one race” It’s a thousand year old culture and the ancient town of Lingyun County, which is filled with fresh breath, passing across the stone slab Road, standing on the bridge and appreciating the magnificent beauty of a hundred Li mountain.

At this time, it is better than being a paradise.

It can absorb the essence from thousands of scenes.

In the four rivers converging, it will bring out the charm of the mountain.

Shidu is permeated with a ray of leisurely tea fragrance.

It is Lingyun – the water of Haokun Lake in Chashan is cool and refreshing.

The mountains of Haokun lake are diverse.

Standing by the lake, you can feel the praise and pleasure of the ancients.

People can’t wait to fall into the embrace of Haokun lake.

Here is hiking It is a holy land for cyclists.

They climb mountains and wade through water, experience the beautiful scenery of mountains, and feel the fun of sports.

You must not miss the trip to the top of the mountain.

You must not miss ▼▼ the Millennium tea rhyme, Zhen Ming, explore the Baihao tea Kingdom, show the traditional manual tea making skills, and travel leisurely.

Lingyun tea fragrance and flowers are all over the hillside.

There are rich resources and many original ecological ingredients.

The local people use the most simple cooking to create the characteristic beauty of Lingyun county Food sports, tea tasting and gourmet Carnival come to Lingyun county and enjoy the most wonderful activities with the most enthusiastic people, editor Wang Xia..