Parent child / independence [Yantian seaside cycling day camp] facing the sea breeze, 12km welcomes a more confident self~

Click to view the wonderful record of one-day Riding Camp in the past ▼ Yantian coastal plank road in Shenzhen is known as the world’s longest “coastal jade belt”.

It is close to the mountain and the sea, winding along the steep shore.

Below are jagged and mottled rocks, forming a magnificent landscape! The children’s professional cycling coach team selected 12 kilometers of elite green road ride on the plank road to design the Golden Knight route.

Surrounded by green shade and sea water, the blue sky, sea and green mountains blend with cool sea breeze blowing in the face.

12km double wheels move forward, and the vision and scenery are super beautiful! Yantian seaside plank road cycling day camp 1:3 high teacher ratio: ensure cycling safety and give children more professional and comprehensive cycling training.

360 degree invincible sea view: fly all the way along the gold coastline to have a panoramic view of the blue sea and blue sky.

Beach Games are full of fun: beach football and sand sculpture are stacked, and beach games are interspersed with children’s fun.

Self confidence character guidance training: the correct guidance of the coach and the positive encouragement of the team, so as to cultivate the campers’ self-confidence.

Yantian seaside plank road cycling one-day camp activities harvest the “Golden Knight” route, which is carried out for children who can master cycling.

Parents are full of praise! Camp materials “Golden Knight” cycling one-day camp [Yantian seaside route] course time: Independence: December 26 (Sunday) January 2 (Sunday) January 16 (Sunday) parents and children: January 1 (Saturday) course location: Yantian waterfront plank road course object: children aged 7-12 (over 1.2m tall, able to ride bicycles skillfully, campers who have completed basic cycling classes or one-day Guangming cycling and Shiyan Lake cycling) course number: 15 people / period (1:3 teacher ratio) (15 people are full, with professional photographers to follow) course cost: 499 / child, group price: 450 / person (it can be redeemed with a secondary card, 8 codes at a time, and the customer service can be consulted for details) the expenses include: course R & D and organization, teacher guidance fee, course materials, activity insurance, vehicle equipment transportation and lunch (simple meal, children can bring some dry food supplement).

Travel mode of photography and photography: the bus will go to the event for a unified refund.

Instructions: 1.

For your personal reasons, a full refund will be cancelled 5 days before the event; 50% will be cancelled 3-5 days before the event; and no refund will be cancelled 3 days before the event.


In case of heavy rain before the event, it will be postponed or cancelled, subject to the actual notice.

There will be a final event for children on weekends Right of interpretation.

Purchase instructions: 1, parents must ensure that the ID number is correct, the ID number error causes no insurance, and is borne by the purchaser.


The ownership and use right of the photos taken in the activity belong to children’s weekend.

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Participating in the activity is regarded as the default rule.

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