Parent child / independence [Maozhou River cycling day camp] 24km challenge ~ go out and see a bigger world!

The heart is on the road, the road is in the heart, shuttling through the scenery in the most handsome way, sometimes chasing the wind, feeling the breeze, sometimes feeling the heartbeat caused by downhill and uphill, sometimes stopping to play The important thing is not where to go, but on the road.

This time, the children’s weekend teacher will step on the research and development · Maozhou River greenway riding one-day camp.

The professional riding coach will lead the children to ride on the Maozhou River greenway, the largest river in Shenzhen, experience the fun of riding with the correct riding posture, ride out and see the bigger world! △ the goal of the training course is that riding on the Maozhou River greenway is one of the glorious 100 km routes.

It mainly carries out riding training camps for children who can ride, to help children master riding skills, learn riding traffic rules, establish riding safety awareness, and let more children fall in love with riding and enjoy riding! How does cycling help children? ▶ Learn the correct riding skills and rules, and cultivate the safety awareness of riding ▶ Master a lifelong outdoor sports skill and enjoy the fun of riding ▶ Cycling is an aerobic exercise.

Walking into nature is conducive to children’s physical and mental health and development ▶ Cycling is a whole body exercise, which can effectively promote children’s bone development and physical coordination ▶ Face difficulties and challenges in riding and complete self breakthrough, Course materials of “enhancing self-confidence” course time: parents and children: January 1 (Saturday) independence: January 3 (Monday) January 8 (Saturday) January 12 (Wednesday) January 16 (Sunday) course location: sidson factory + maozhouhe course object: children aged 7-12 years.

Number of courses: 15-24 persons / period.

Course price: 499 / group price of two children: 450 / person.

Expenses include: course R & D and organization, teacher guidance fee, course materials, activity insurance, vehicle equipment transportation and export mode: bus to refund instructions: 1.

If for your personal reasons, 5 days before the activity Day cancellation and full refund; 50% refund will be cancelled within 3-5 days before the event; Cancellation within 3 days before the event is non refundable.


In case of heavy rain before the start of the event, it shall be postponed or cancelled, subject to the actual notice.

Children have the right of final interpretation of weekend activities.

Purchase instructions: 1, parents must ensure that the ID number is correct, the ID number error causes no insurance, and is borne by the purchaser.


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Course process & route arrangement ▶ Course flow arrangement > > ▶ Introduction to the course location > > 1.

Xidsheng factory xidsheng Bicycle Museum is another landmark Museum of bicycle culture in China after Bazhou Bicycle Museum, and the first Bicycle Museum built by enterprises in the world.


Maozhou River Maozhou river is the largest river in Shenzhen, with verdant vegetation on both sides and winding greenways, just like a green ribbon passing through the city.

Under the crystal clear blue sky, it connects the scenery along the river, one blue and one green.

△ the coach took photos of the highlights of the course.

One person can ride very fast, and a group of people can ride very far.

During this camp, professional coaches will lead the children to complete the 24km Maozhou River cycling challenge.

We expect children to enjoy riding through professional learning and practice.

More importantly, in the midst of difficulties and challenges, we should constantly break through and affirm ourselves.

Leave the familiar place and come back differently ~ let’s look forward to the children’s performance! 01 international UCI cross-country track is the first time to experience the “kingdom” of bicycle in sidson.

In addition to visiting the Bicycle Museum, you can also experience the sidson International bicycle training base.

The base was built in 2012, UCI compliant (International Cycling Union) is the world’s first standard fixed and panoramic professional mountain bike track.

Up to now, it has held more than a dozen large-scale cycling events ~ before riding on the Maozhou River greenway, first experience the fun of mountain riding on the international UCI cross-country track ~ this journey is not smooth, but the difficulty of uphill and downhill is under control.

Come on, little warriors chasing the wind ~ 02 Outdoor riding skills and riding rules training, first have safety awareness, then poetry and distance.

Some people are tired after riding for 10 minutes, while others are still as light as a swallow after riding for 10 km.

The difference is that one is “disorganized rampage” and the other is just using the right riding method.

Riding is never a simple step away, but needs to master traffic rules, riding gestures and coping methods in case of emergencies In this camp, professional bicycle coaches will teach these knowledge to the children, practice with the children, start from the principle of bicycle, gradually master the riding posture, and then fall in love with riding.

When riding on the 0324km Maozhou River greenway, wear helmets, protective gear and bicycles.

We will start a 24km Riding Challenge on the Maozhou River greenway.

Wander along the Bank of Maozhou River, chasing the wind and enjoying the beautiful scenery of urban greenway.

The riding route was carefully designed and selected by the coach.

The overall road condition is very flat and tidy.

Both beginners and basic riders can have fun..