On the first day of investigating and dealing with riding without helmets, the situation at all intersections in Dingzhou was like this

On December 13, the traffic management brigade of Dingzhou Public Security Bureau carried out a unified action to organize the police force to investigate and deal with the drivers and passengers of electric bicycles, motorcycles, electric tricycles and other vehicles who did not wear safety helmets at the main intersections of the urban area during the morning peak.

At 8 a.m., at the intersection of Zhongshan Road and Jianshe street, non motor vehicles passed in good order, driving electric bicycles The number of drivers and passengers wearing helmets on electric tricycles has increased significantly, and all kinds of helmets have become a beautiful scenery in the street.

“If there is a traffic accident when riding an electric bicycle, it is particularly easy to fall, especially head injury.

Wearing a safety helmet can effectively protect our safety.” Ms.

Li, a citizen, said, “recently, the ‘one helmet area’ has been greatly publicized, which makes me better understand the importance of wearing helmets.

I also often publicize to my family and friends that we must wear safety helmets when riding electric bicycles.” However, we also found that some citizens who drive electric bicycles and electric tricycles are lucky not to wear helmets according to the regulations.

“My helmet has been bought, but I forgot to wear it when I went out today.” In the northwest of the intersection, two electric bicycle drivers were stopped by the traffic police because they didn’t wear helmets.

After receiving 30 minutes of learning and education, the two non motor vehicle drivers said that they recognized their mistakes and would wear safety helmets in accordance with the regulations in the future.

“No matter for what reason, or please strictly ask yourself to wear safety helmets.” At the intersection of Zhongshan Road and Qingfeng street, the traffic police are investigating and dealing with drivers and passengers who do not wear safety helmets as required.

More than 40 non motor vehicle drivers have received 30 minutes of learning and education because they do not wear safety helmets.

It is understood that the unified action of the municipal traffic management team is mainly carried out in the way of criticism and education.

For drivers and passengers who do not wear safety helmets according to the regulations, they will receive learning and education for 30 minutes or be volunteers to maintain traffic order, so that drivers and passengers who do not wear safety helmets can further improve their traffic safety awareness while receiving legal education.

In the area of one helmet, safety often reminds the general public that for the safety of their own and others’ lives, please wear safety helmets correctly and jointly create a safe, orderly, civilized and smooth traffic environment.

Text and picture video: Xue Ning proofreading: Lu Lihua responsible editor: Liu Peng helps Dingzhou develop ▼..