How to have a strong “engine” when riding?

Although cardiovascular health is necessary to further improve riding ability, improved leg strength can help achieve a more balanced physique.

Robert Forstmann, a German track cyclist (Robert F ö rstemann) put forward some suggestions.

You can try these four exercises to exercise your thighs, lower legs and quadriceps.

▍ squat jump squat jump is one of the best ways to improve explosive power.

Squat jump is beneficial to riding because it is a comprehensive training for hind leg muscles and is suitable for riding and pedaling.

In order to exercise the leg strength of cycling, you should Ensure a correct low position with your thighs parallel to the ground.

Then from this position, try your best to jump as high as possible, while keeping your arms close to your hips.

Don’t use your arms to create some power to jump up, because you have to train your legs.

15 squat jumps are a group, and 4 groups of training are carried out each time.

When doing it, you should be faster and harder, so as to strengthen the leg strength.

▍ lunge lunge is also a very good comprehensive exercise to improve leg strength.

It mainly exercises quadriceps femoris, hind leg muscles, hip and calf muscles.

At the same time, it will also solve some slight imbalance of thigh strength.

First, stand on your front and rear feet, then walk forward with one foot to bend your knees by 90 °, and then put your weight on the heels of your front feet to return your body to the starting position.

Change your foot and come again.

This is one time.

Repeat 16 times.

▍ one leg treading can exercise your hip flexors.

The exercise method is: first ride normally in the car, then loosen one foot, step on the other foot for 2 minutes, and then change your foot for another 2 minutes.

This is a group.

Repeat 3 groups.

At first, you may find that you feel unbalanced when riding on one foot because your hip flexors are weak.

But the more you practice, the stronger your hip flexors will be, and you’ll find yourself lifting as well as stepping.

▍ lift your lower legs.

Your lower legs are constantly bent and extended during riding, so standing on tiptoe when not cycling will imitate the action when cycling.

Such training can enhance the strength of your lower legs.

Stand on a flat surface with feet shoulder width, then stand on tiptoe slowly, move steadily, and then slowly put down your heels.

A group of 20 times, 3 groups of training.

If you think it’s easy, you can cooperate with the squat combination training, which also trains the thighs and quadriceps femoris…